Little Things

from by Broker Jonathan

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Little Things

It was little things … she always had to order the most expensive thing on a restaurant menu. If it was duck sautéed in rat piss, she'd want it if it was twice the price of everything else.

It was little things … once when the bill came, I paid for it in cash and she nearly died of embarrassment. 'That was so uncool,' she said. 'Where's your credit card?' I thought she'd have been happy I was paying for her duck and rat piss, but no …

… yeah, little things set us down the wrong road, you know?

She always used to say … (indistinct)

'Pardon me, my lovely?'


… and I never had a clue what she meant by that.

It was little things … I can't put my finger on anything and say, you know, that put a bomb under us. It was just a gradual accumulation of little things … you know … little things.

It was stuff like … she used to go on about my driving … 'oh, you forgot to indicate coming off that roundabout.'

'That's okay,' I'd say. 'I'll drive.'

And she'd say: 'You're not doing a very good job of it.'

And I'd say: 'Do you want to get out and walk?'

It was little things … it was things like … she grew up on fairytales, thinking that one day she'd marry her Prince Charming. And now some schmuck was inviting her to get out of his car … and do you know what? That's exactly what she did! She got out and refused to get back in again … and it was all just over little things.

Her last words to me were … (indistinct)

And I was like: 'Sorry dear?'


… but it was still Greek to me ...




from Time On My Own, released January 20, 2013
girl's voice - Phoebe Brocklebank
mastered by smallfishrecordings



all rights reserved


Broker Jonathan Glasgow, UK

songwriter, vocalist and musician ... based in Glasgow.

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